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Ugorix Dent is dentistry for the entire family. It is a young, rapidly expanding clinic located in Prague. It offers painless and quality medical dental care for you and your family. We work with insurance companies


You are welcome to the website of dental clinic Ugorix Dent.

The principle underlying our professional activities is to preserve and maintain the human health. But you cannot have good health without having healthy teeth.

We work with insurance companies: VZP (111), OZP (207), ČPZP (205), VoZP (201), RBP (213), ZPŠ (209).

The possibility of ordering through the website(see Contacts).

We have for you in the surgery time, now we working on Saturday.

We can accept acute patients outside of work time by phone requesting.

The clinic is within a short walking distance from Jinonice metro station. 


The clinic is equipped with an air-conditioning system and has facilities for patients with limited mobility. If you come early, you will be offered comfortable sofa or armchair, fragrant tea or coffee, light reading magazines and free Internet.

Individual approach.

Our experts prepare individual and optimal treatment and preventive maintenance plan, which incorporates the patient's wishes.

Highly skilled staff.

All dental procedures are performed by our highly skilled and certified dentists who regularly attend training courses, seminars and workshops to further improve their professional skills.

Modern equipment and latest treatment techniques.

The clinic uses the most modern equipment from well-known companies such as KODAK, NEOVO, MELAG, and SLOVADENT. We use digital radiography. The clinic also applies latest techniques and innovative technologies in the treatment and prevention of oral diseases.

Painless dental treatment.

Our experts provide individual choice of anesthetics, especially for pregnant women, nursing mothers or children.


Sterility and cleanliness is an integral part of our work. 


The clinic provides warranty for all its services.

Promotions and discounts.

The clinic offers various promotions that would enable clients to assess full range of services. We also provide loyalty program giving potential discounts for our regular clients.

Children's corner.

While the parents are busy, the kids would surely enjoy our children's corner filled with toys.

Our team
Our team, dentists
In our clinic will take care of you highly a skilled dentist with long practice.
Experience and professionalism is a guarantee of high-quality medical care.
We speak Russian, Czech and English.
Caries treatment

Caries treatment is performed under local anesthesia, that is, absolutely painless. Modern light-curing composite materials materials are used during treatment. These composites have improved performance characteristics – absolutely harmless, ensures maximum durability, almost no secondary caries arise under them, and you can chose a composite to match the color of your teeth.

Gum treatment

Periodontal (gum) diseases are infectious diseases that are very painful and are the major cause of tooth loss in adults. Specialists at the clinic would establish a diagnosis, select an effective treatment plan, and would tell you which preventive measures should be taken in order to prevent the disease from reoccurring again. 


Prosthetics is the full restoration of a patient's chewing function and aesthetic appearance. The absence of even a single tooth can lead to displacement of other teeth, malocclusion, dysmasesis, and a number of other disorders. Our specialists would tell you about the kinds of prosthetics available, their pros and cons, and choose the prosthesis most suitable for you.

Aesthetic dentistry

Smileis a significant criterion for attractiveness. Aesthetic dentistry was created to create such an ornament. Specialists at the clinic would provide a full range of services to make your smile shine.

Tooth extraction

It often happens that all the efforts aimed at tooth preservation and treatment are to no avail, thereby making a patient to resort to tooth extraction. Specialists at the clinic would conduct this procedure quickly and painlessly using modern anesthetics and special tools.

Oral hygiene

Professional oral hygiene is an integral part of individual preventive maintenance. Regular cleaning of the teeth helps to prevent tooth decay, protect your teeth and gums, and return the natural color of the teeth.

Pediatric dentistry

The main efforts in pediatric dentistry are aimed at preventing oral diseases and malocclusion in early deciduous and transitional dentition. But when necessary, experts at the clinic would conduct tooth treatment procedures in young patients, making it fast, non-traumatic, and in a playful way.

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root substitute. It is a titanium screw that is fusing to living bone instead of the missing tooth and is used to attach prosthetic appliance (crown, dental bridge etc.) in the oral cavity. Usage of dental implant saves from unnecessary adjacent teeth grinding. The primary intent is both functional and aesthetic rehabilitation of the patient.
Panoramic dental X-ray:

A correct diagnosis is the key to an effective treatment. A modern panoramic dental X-ray is used to visualize the dentition, the density and thickness of the bone, and to diagnose temporomandibular joint diseases. The X-ray produces an image in which the dentist can control the sealing quality, calculate the treatment plan and predict its outcome, and determine the topography of any tooth.

Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening is a dental procedure used to return the natural color of your teeth or change the color to some tones. Our specialists would offer you the best whitening system.





Comprehensive consultation


500,- Kč



130,- Kč

Intraoral image


160,- Kč

Panoramic image


390,- Kč

Preventive dentistry

Treatment of dental caries with the use a visible-light activated composites


from 900,- Kč

Root canal treatment


from 2500,- Kč

Tooth restoration with the use a visible-light activated, radiopaque, restorative composites


from 2300,- Kč


Metal ceramic crown


from 6000,- Kč

Ceramic crown (All-ceramic crown)


from 7000,- Kč



 from 7700,- Kč


Milk teeth removal


390,- Kč

Simple tooth extraction


590,- Kč

Difficult tooth extraction


from 980,- Kč

Price list is not complete, it only serves as a rough orientation. The complete price list of performances is available at the reception of the clinic.



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